a stick and poke mermaid

a stick and poke mermaid

22 April 2014 ♥ 49907

my neighbors are listening to their music so loud I can sing along to all the songs 

22 April 2014


i saw yana posted a pic of ciel in his wonderland outfit a few days ago n remembered how much i needed to draw it haha ☻ᴥ☻ u can full view it here :-)~~~~~~ 

n he probably made sebastian take this pic hehe(ゝ。∂)~

22 April 2014 ♥ 46


Hey guys! Hope your Easter was super fantastic and you ate your weight in chocolate!

I’m auctioning off some adoptables over on DA. I’ve never done one independently, so I’m kind of nervous heh heh….BUT UHM, they’re starting at 30$!  If you’re keen on one of them, CLICK HERE!

Thanks a bunch!

22 April 2014 ♥ 306


My little sister is a really pretty girl and she gets dick pics all the time from annoying boys, so being the girl she is, she started using them as blackmail.
She now has about 30 boys doing her bidding because one stepped out of line and she got someone to print out 500 copies of the photo and mailed it to his family.

My sister is 16 and she’s running a black mail Mafia.
She’s going places.

22 April 2014 ♥ 284278
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